Mega Star Tarkan


                   Tarkan is most popular Turkish pop singer, he has a lot of fans so ı can say that he is         internationa singer especially he has a lot of russian fans and a russian friend want to information about Tarkan so ı will write something.

                   Tarkan was born in Germany (Alzey) 17 october 1972.he sarted to education at Germany when he was 14 years old his father decided to come back Turkey for Turkish education. Tarkan and his family moved to Karamürsel and Tarkan is meet to music association (Karamürsel nusic association).Then his family moved to istanbul and Tarkan cantinued to music life at istanbul.

                   A music production saw a star light at Tarkan and he did first music albüm at 1992 and it's name '' Kıl Oldum Abi ''  its english mean about I bristle bro.In a little while people like that guy because he is sympathic , handsome have positive energy and green eyes boy was lover of young girls.AFter another albums Tarkan was on top.


Tarkan had a lot of fans whit ' şımarık ' song , and that song had sing russian , english and greek version. he prepared internationa concert and his album  was the best seller list in europa 2 million person bought this album.Mexico , Belgium,Germany, Netherlands, Sweeden , Colombia,Luxembourg gived golden album prize.World Music Awards gave him best foreign singer prize at 1999.

I hope you might like and if you want more information you can visit him web site


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