Tower of Leandros, Maiden's Tower and Kız Kulesi

 Kız Kulesi

             Today I will try to tell about Maiden's Tower,its symbol of İstanbul and I will give some information about its history, tales,how you can visit there and where is that amazing place.Lets start !

There is no clear and and precise information that when it was building and by whom,but  its first time that To be mentioned BC 411 at the historical sources. there is certain information at DC 5 , Athenian commander of Alisbad had built customhouse and took money from merchantman. That place had used many years  customhouse, lighthouse, quarantine hospital,prison..       

Why People Called Tower of Leandros

           Once upon a time there is a temple of the Goddess Aphrodite and Hero was working here for  Goddess Aphrodite whit another girls.Her duty was  fodder birds and she promised that never fall in love. They had created ceremonies every spring and a lot of visitor come there and pray for to find love.Leandros come from onn the opposite bank the bosphorus and saw Hero. They fell in love each other and started to meet every night. Leandros was swimming every night for Hero but one day a jealous priest closed to light of lighthouse and Leandros lost yourself in bosphorus and when Hero saw this situation commit suicide.After than people called its lighthouse name Tower of Leandros.

Another Myth

          A Byzantine king had a very beautiful daughterbut a fortuna teller said that when your daughter had 18 years old a snake could bite her and she would die after that king decided to send his daughter that lighthouse because it was in middle sea and any snake never come there.But one day king sent a basket of grapes for daughter and a snake hid between grapes and bit princess and she died suddenly. Reportedly King had iron coffin and put on Saint Sophia' door.

How  We Can Visit Maiden's Tower 

Maiden's Tower is in SALACAK neighborhood , west of USKUDAR, about 15 minutes by walking. From the European side, take the ferry to USKUDAR, of from the Asian side, take a dolmus or bus there and head west along the seaside a several blocks (about 15 minutes by walking) until you see the tower. Alternatively, you can take a dolmus or taxi, but because of long term work on a subway here, traffic is almost always terrible and it will be faster to walk. Once you see the tower, wait at the ticket booth for the next shuttle boat. They usually run every 15 minutes or so.

From Istanbul's KABATAS district , in every evening in summer, between 8:00-9:15 pm, there is special boat service for KIZ KULESI. This service is free of charge for both way for evening patrons. Check this before you go.

You can enjoy whit amazing view and eat something in restaurant.

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