Turkey is wonderful place

Hi everybody

A lot of people don't know much things about Turkey so I decided to creat this blog and I will try to give some information about Turkey, ( life, architecture, food, places,) But maybe my english can be poor for this job so when I  have mistaken ,forgieve me please 

Anatolia is very old place and so there are many old  living areas,, the ancient cities, ruins of the first civilizations so I can say that Turkey is a very big outdoor museum.

I want to say something about turkish meals and kitchen..all regions and cities have different meals and tastes so Turkey have a lot of traditional delicious meals.

Anatolia had many state in at the history but two empire is most important. Ottoman Empire and Byzantium were very famous at he Anatolian history and that empires gave many things at the Anatolia..

Some people say that Turkey is a muslim country so what we can find  about our religion ? Byzantium Empire build a lot  of the cathedral and the church , especially Saint Sophia is very famous ..

I hope we will enjoy together I will continue to write. Another days I will give more details especially İstanbul and everyday I will introduce a touristical place about Turkey,,, See you later 


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