Turkish Carpets and Rugs

          Today  is culture and life days for me so I will continue to write about that subjets and I chooised to write Turkish carpets and rugs, I will try to tell about carpets history, how is made, how to buy carpets and rugs, who made carpets and where is made them..ok lets start !
         Carpet's history based on middle asia, before turkish people moved Anatoli they lived at middle asia and they were named so they were living in tents and used animal products.after to discovered to make thread , they started to use clothes, bags,carpets and rugs.they used to carpets for tents floor and use rugs for save yourself cold weather.

 How to Made Carpets

     That job is really hard and neccesary professionalism and patience so everybody cant be successful. This work's basic point is knot and a carpet have  thousends knot and if a carpet have much knot it show that carpets quality.
Especially Turkish woman work a this job.( they are very patient and hardworking).A carpet can finish about 3 or 4 months so there are much manual labor.

Turkish traditiona carpets and rugs are natural, producer dont use industrial materials.they use plant and animal materials so they are very healty.( you can see how they made thread from sheep wool)

How to Buy Carpets

This job have much labor and worker so they are more expensive than endustrial carpets but dolar and euro more valuable than Turkish Liras so ıt could be not problem. There are many carpet producer at Anatolia especially Usak carpets are very famous.Aksaray ,Kilis and Gaziantep,Cappadocia are made carpets too.But I can guess first time you hear that cities so when you visit Grand Bazaar can find differentc and nice carpets and rugs.I hope that you might like ,,,


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