Turkish Traditional Sweetie Baklava

               A friend wanted to learn about our meals so I will write about Baklava, I hope that you might like it.Baklava is very famous of at he Middle East and Balkan countries, especially Greeks say that Baklava is ours.But that delicious sweetie come from Ottomans palaca kitchen and some people say that baklava is more older.

                I want to introduce baklava's requisite but its for homemade because restaurant chiefs dont say their special things.


dough requiste

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 glasscup milk
  • 1 glass cup sunflower oil
  • a baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1/2  teaspoon vinegar
  • flour
  • pistachios or walnuts
  •  cornstarch
  • 200 gram margarine
sherbet requiste
  • 4 glass cup sugar
  • 4 glass cup water

how to make
  • mix dough requiste materials and have a soft dough whit enough flour
  • than cut flour 20 equal parts
  • than make filo pastry as much as filo pastry
  • take 10 filo pastry and pile on and take enough starch between filo pastry
  • make same things another 10 filo pastry
  • take first 10 filo pastry on tray
  • than use pistachios and walnuts 
  • take second part of 10 filo pastry
  • than cut baklavas and use melted margarine
  • than cook about at 200 centigrade
  • after than mix sherbet and cook
  • use sherbet on baklava but sherbet must be hot baklava must be cold 
  • bon apetite
Most famous Baklava done at Gaziantep in Turkey but when you visit to Turkey you can find Gaziantep Baklava everywhere 


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