where is the Turkey

A  lot of people know that where is the Turkey but I will write for anothers. Turkey is between Asia and Europa so we can say that Turkey is a bridge, people call that Anatolia for part of Asia. Anatolia is really wealthy about civilizations. A lot of civilization lived at this lands,Hittites, Sumerians, Lydians, urartularda, Byzantines and since 1453 Turkish people are living at Anatolia

İf I can say that Turkey is semi island , I do not say lie because turkey is between are Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea so visitors can visit Turkey whit ships. Greece, Iran, Iraq Bulgaria, Georgia Azerbaijan are Turkey's neighbors so people can by car from that countries. İstanbul have international airport and many airlines company have fly İstanbul, Ankara and Antalya..

when I ask which city do you know at Turkey, a lot of people say that İstanbul and Antalya but just a few person say Ankara and a lot of people know that İstanbul is capital city of Turkey but its wrong Ankara is capital city of Turkey

                                           to be continued

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