Basilica Cistern

A Mystic Place Basillica Cistern

Basillica Cistern really fantastic place and when come to İstnabul do not back whitout see there.Anyway it is very famous for tourists. There are many visitors everyday ( domestic and foreign ),so decided to tell something about Basillica Cistern.

Basillica Cistern was constructed by Justinianus I  542 AD. It was built for Grand Palace water neccesary but it look like temples. It look sumptuous so people called Basillica Palace.But dont any information why they called Basillica its name.

Construction Features of Basillica Cistern

  • Cistern area's width is 70 meters and height is 140 meters.
  • Cistern is underground and there are 52 stairs for come inside
  • There are 332 column and their heights are 9 meters.
  • There are 4,8 meters distance between columns.
  • Cistern wall is about 5 meters and there are plaster on ground.
  • Cister area is about 9800 squaremeters and have 100.000 tonne water capacity.
  • There is a few different column inside , they have meduse heads.

Legends About Basillica Cistern

At rumors ,Medusa was a very beautiful girl she had long hairs and amazing body. She loved God of Zeus's son Perseus.But Godness Athena loved Perseus and jealoused Medusa so Athena changed Medusa's hair nad gave her snake hairs. After than when Meduse looked someone ,they become stone.When Perseus saw Medusa ,he thought Meduse captivated and cut her head suddenly than Perseus used her head at wars and was succesfull at wars.After that event Byzantium people used Meduse head at swords and columns.They tought that Medusa save them and buildings so they used Medula head for to save Basillica Cistern.

There is drop column in cistern and have a rumor about drop column.That column is always wet so different another columns. Rumors that coloumn was built for workers soulvenir because about 7000 slaves worked at cistern construction.Currently people throw coin in water near drop column and want wishes. Dont know they will happen or not because I dont try.

How Can Visit Basillica Cistern

 Basillica Cistern is near The Hagia Sophia museum so  easy to find there and  accept visitors everyday  between 09 am 5:30 pm and ticket cost is 20 Turkish  Lira.

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