Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque

           Blue Mosque

Emperor Justinianus wanted to built a construction more bigger than Temple of Solomon, Sultan Selim II had built Selimiye Mosque bigger than Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet wanted to built a big construction for to show devotion to God. He was a good muslim so decided to built a mosque.Than Sultan searched place for mosque and liked a place but there was a palace at that place so they bought that area and paid  30 camel-load golds.In 1609  first dig touched sand bye Sultan Ahmet. After 7 years architect Sedefkar Mehmet Agha finished mosque. Sedefkar Mehmet Agha was student of Mimar Sinan.

           Why Europian Call Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque have 21.043 chinas and 260 windows so inside area is very bright and when sunshine come inside chinas shining blue so europians call Blue Mosque.

           Features of Blue Mosque

  • Have 6 minaret and it is only Blue Mosque have 6 minaret in Turkey
  • Have 260 window,height 43 m. central dome's diameter 23,5 m.  worship area 2646 square meters
  • Have about 50 kind of chinas
  • Sultan spent about 1,5 million golds
  • Mosque have bazaar, school,soup kitchen,türkish bath,Sultan Ahmet tomb
  • Mosque's courtyard have 26 column and 30 dome 

  How Can Visit There

Blue Mosque is at the Sultan Ahmet Square and near Hagi Sophia and that area is very popular for foreign tourists. Everbody can visit there whitout pay money and muslim people use mosque still and its the biggest mosque in istanbul.

 I hope might like it 

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