Conquest of Constantinople

Constantinople where twentynine times besieged but could not conquer city.They thought themselves safe behind the walls. They thought impassable chains stretched from the entrance of the estuary.Actually they were right.Because young conqueror Mehmet had chosen the mountains for move ,had not chosen chains

Constantinople was importan for muslims our prophethas once said ;Constantinople will be conquered certainly, the person who is the conqueror is very glorious commander and his soldiers are glorious.

In 1451,Mehmet become empreror after II. Murat dead.Romans were thinking Memet's threat because of his inexiferience.Mehmet has secured the borders of the nation than began for the conquest Constantinople.Mehmet has surrounded the Constantinople at end of the 1451. He build Rumeli Hisar ( Fort) across the Anadolu Hisar (Anatolia Fort)

Byzantium was blocking Ottoman's to develop and interfering to iternal offairs of Ottoman Empire, triggering the Crusaders.The geopolitical location of Constantinople was very important.The Mortars which will pass over the city walls had been built. Mass Mortarshad been created to destruct the city walls. the towers whit wheels had been made.An army had been sent to the Balkan's against any threat from Europe.

Also Byzantium was preparing offense against Ottoman Empire. Emperor Constantine had ordered  to close the Bosphorus whita huge chain all across the sea.he had rainforced the walls of the city. He asked help Papa and Europe. He prepared special weapon which fires in water and air which called Grejuva.

On the 6 th April morning. First atack has began. The suriound has dured 53 days.
Mehmet has decided to move ships  across the terrain because the Bosphorus was sealed by chains.Sewenty ships were moved into Golden Horn over the terrain on 22nd April.At the 7 th week of surround,the control of the Golden Horn has passed to the Ottoman Empire.Ottoman Empire army has began to attack on 29 May.The last attack was three episodes.Ottoman army had treak in to Constantinople from the door which called Kerkoporta and put the Ottoman flag.New era had been began.The rise era was waiting for Ottoman Empire.First day, Mehmet has prayed in Hagia Sophia and the capital of the Ottoman Empire  changed to Istanbul from Edirne.

What We DO on 29 May

we celebrate that day every year and commemorate our soldiers and Conqueror Sultan Mehmet.Prepare some organization Panorama 1453 History Museum,Ottoman military band concerts,Turkish special air force acrobatics team shows.

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