Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesusu Ancient city in very important tourism center in Turkey, the city has many amazing historical artifact and they are very old.Ephesus was consturcted about 6000 B.C in Neolithic Period.Currently excavations archaeologists find some Hittite antiquity.Apasas was city name of the Hittite ages.Currentyl Ephesus was constructed by Lysimakhos who was commnader of Alexander B.C. 300. Ephesus was at golden age in Roman Empire period , it was capital city , Asia region. There were 200.000 person in Ephesus and it was center of trade,art, science..Ephesus moved another place at Byzantium period and Turks conquered that place in 1330.

Where is Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus is located in district Efes in İzmir and 30 kilometers far away from Kusadası.

How can go Ephesus Ancient City

There is a bus from İzmir bus station to Efes, it tkae about about a hour and 10 Turkish Lira ticket cost when arrive Efes there is minibus for to go Ephesus Ancient City area in every 10 minutes.There is minibus from Kusadası too, just 30 km.

What I will see at Ephesus Ancient City

Every year 1,5 million tourists visit Ephesus Ancient City,There are many historical artifact in Ephesus so will write them and will give some information most important historical artifacts.
The Artemision, The Arcadiane, The Great Theater of Ephesus, The Celcus Library, Tetragones Agora, The Actagon,Terrace Houses, The Temple of Hadrian,The Nymphaeum Traiani, The Memmius, Monument, The Temple of Domitian, The Curch of Mary,The Stadium,The Vedius Gymnasium.

Ephesus Theater

There is some information that theater was built in Hellenistic period but currently theater construstion started Emperior Claidus's time  and finished Emperior Trianus's time ( D.C 98-117).Theater has 25.000 capacity and still strong and used Efes Festivals.

The Celcus Library

The theater is most famous ruin in ancient city and that theater was built by Giaus lulius Aquila for his after senator Tiberius lulius Celsus in A.D 100-110. That was 3.th biggest theater after Alexandria and Pergamum theaters.

The Curch of Mary

St. John and Holy Mary come to Ephesus after 4 or 6 years when jesus died. St John did not want to live in people so they decided to live far from people so prefered to Bülbül mountain, an area around trees.People believe that Mary lived there and died that home so Christians accept that area is holy place so visit Church of Mary for to be pilgrim.Many Papa visited there .

That area was discovered by Catherina Emmerich but she never come to Ephesus, she was a German nun. She described that area and found tat Curch of Maria at 19th century.
Church entarence is 20 Turkish Lira for foreign visitors.

Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis is one of wonder in 7 wonders of the world.Currently there are 2 column in temples area.Temple was constructed only marble and continued about 120 years.

When will come to Ephesus can see another ruins and ı hope that will like that amazing place just must be carefull in there , weather can be very hot so while visiting there take hat sunglasess and much water.

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