Galata Tower

             Galata Tower

Galata tower is symbols of istanbul and galata district.There are many rumors how it was built. At the rumors tower was built in 507 bye Emperor Lustianos. At he same time Genoese called the Jesus Tower Byzantiums called Big Tower.A the latest version tower which most closely resembles was built in 1384 bye Genoesians colony , was the highpoint city walls.At the Ottoman period, tower was used as dungeon, observatory,fire lookout tower. Tower was restored many times , earthquakes, fires,storms affected many times. Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi flied to Üsküdar from to Galata Tower whit artificial wings in 1638.


Tower height 66.90 m, 16.45 m outer diameter, the inner diameter is 8.95 meters. The wall thickness is about 3.75 meters.

How Can Visit Galata Tower

Glata tower is in the Beyoğlu district at İstanbul. Visitors can see Istanbul Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and Istanbul from panaromic terace.There is a restaurant in tower now so can eat something whit amazing view.Towers work hours 9 am-7 pm and pay 6,5 £ for to visit.

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