Pamukkale Travertines


  How Occured Travertines

                  Pamukkale travertines are natural wonders in Turkey  and has since antiquity. I h has occured chemical reactions and its a typical of soft rock.Inside of calcium carbonate. Hot water flowing from hill and there are 17 water supply and its about between 30 - 100 Celsius.After occur from supply water flow about 320 meters, during this period water become cold and calcium carbonat start to be solidfy and this calcium carbonat salve acnes ( ı tested when ı was there )

How Can Visit Pamukkale Travertines

                  Pamukkle travertines is in Pamukkale district. Pamukale is far from about  30 minutes Denizli city. At the summers every hour have minibus from Denizli to Pamukkale. So can stay Denizli hotels , its not much far. Minibus start to move at Denizli Bus Terminal.
                   At pamukkale, there are many hotel and restaurants for all butget , retro, normal , luxury class.
Pameukkale distric people trained tourists and foreigns so they can speak many language ( english, spanish russian korean ) local people dealing tourism and organic agriculture.
                    Must have a ticket for to come in travertine region but not much expensive and whitout time period, can stay to off time.Can buy ticket in front of travertine district. Can take photo inside and swim little travertine pools but some place is closed because travertine can lost their colors when people tread much.There is museums, antic pool, touristic plants,tombs and Hierapolis antique theater and city (if  watch Ghost Rider 2 , can see antique theater ) I will write an article about Hierapolis later

Antique Pool

At the Roman Empire age this area was healty center many people came there for healty problems.Warm and healing water help people's healty problems.Antique pool occured at an earthquake so column overturned in poon. This area private business so have to pay 30-40 Turkish Lira for about 2 hours to swim.Some people throw coins in the wish pool ( near antique pool) but don't know theirs wisheds will happen..
                                                 Hope that might like 

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