Pergamon Ancient City

Pergamon Ancient City

Pergamon Ancient city located in Bergama district, İzmir city. Bergama is far away 102 kilometers from İzmir and can find bus for Bergama.Pergamon Ancient city was very famous and important city in history.That city was known that Health God Asklepios's city.Previously that city was a healty center , had rich civilization and culture.

Galenos was born in Pergamon 2000 B.C., he was father of pharmaceutics. In history, Pergamon has many first things, the first hospital constructed there, the first natural treatment made there,first herbal medicine treatment (Pharmacology) made there, the first psychotherapy made there so it not wrong to say that was healty center.The first Parchment made that area, first Asian library made there,first city zoning law used there so they had very hight civilization level.

What Will See At Pergamon

Temple of Trajan

The temple was constructed for Roman Emperor Trajan who idolized to God.Original telpme had colums 3 parts and found Hellenistic ruins at the archaeological excavations and 2 statues of empreror Trajan and Hadrian but They are at Pergamon Museum now .

Temple of Dionysos

The temple constructed in 3th century B.C at theater terreca's nort side. Temple was resonstructed bye Empreror Carcalla and added new section. At archaeological excavations, found head of Astlepios but German Archaeologists stole and it is in Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

Grand Theater 

It was steepest theater ancient ages. It was contsrusted in Helenisitc Ages and has 10.000 person capacity. It is near on hillside

Temple of Zeus 

The temple by German  stolen Archaeologists  and now in Pergamon Museum just there is base ruins in Permamon Ancient city now.
Temple was constructed bye Pergamon King II. Eumenes after when was succesfull at war.It's arcthitect plan was like a horseshoe and had symbols of triumphal 

I hope you might like that article and when you come to Turkey do not come back whitout see that amazing place, that is at Aegean part and not far away İzmir and just will buy a ticket for to visit there ( just 25 Turkish lira )

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