Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill and Golden Horn View

Pierre Loti Hill very famous for this view.There is  a cafe at that hill and its name Pierre Loti cafe.Want to tell some information about Pierre Loti and about this hill.His name is Julien Valud and he was novelist, naval officer,orientalist.lover of Turkey and Turkish people.

Pierre Loti have been in İstanbul many times when he came to İstanbul first time he was a naval officer, in 1876.Ottoman life and culture affected him much. He stayed a year in İstanbul. By the way, he started to came that hill for to watch Golden Horn view and have serenity.There was a '' Rabi Kadın Kahvehanesi'' cafe at hill. At rumours Pierre Loti felt in love a Ottoman lady who was living near hill.Anyway Pierre Loti gaved her name on hin novel, her name is Aziyade.Pierre Loti mentioned about Aziyade and Ottoman life at his novel.

At rumours, Pierre Loti wrote his Aziyade novel at that cafe.Currently many people visit there and watch taht amazing view , especially lovers come there..Istanbul municipality was built touristy palces in 2000.There is cafe, narghile cafe, Azadiye Restaurant, terrace cafe, historical cafe and Turquhouse hotel and some souvenir shops.Can see Galata Tower,Blue Mosque,The Hagia Sophia,Golden Horn and Golden Horn bridge from Pierre Loti Hill

How Can Visit There

Pierre Loti Hill is in İstanbul , district Eyup.Firstly must go Eyup district.Therefore can use bus and metrobus, Avcılar -Kadıköy metrobus route go Pierre Loti Hill.Another way,there is a teleferic from Eyup Sultan Mosque to Pierre Loti Hill.

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