The Hagia Sophia

            History of The Hagia Sophia

 Don't worry will not say much things about history just important things will say so dont bother you about historical things.The Haiga Sophia is important of the historical architectural wonder. It's an artictic masterpiece and that wonder is at the historical peninsula in Istanbul.The Hagia Sophia is the biggest church constructed by East Roman Empire and its constructed three times.First chucrh constructed by Emperor Konstantios in 360.The second church was reconstructed bye Emperor Theodosios in 415 and the church was demolished in 532 after the public riot.The last church ws constructed by Emperor Justinianos. Architech Isidoros and Anthemios started to work in 532 and after 5 years they finished and church was opened worship whit a ceremony in 537.When Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul The Hagia Sophia  renovated into mosque. the minarets designed bye Mimar Sinan. The Hagia Sophia was renovated a museum Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1935 after than tourist can visit and see that amazing place.

              How Can Visit  The Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is at he Sultan Ahmed Square and that place is very famous .


Ride Bagcılar-Kabatas tram line and stop Gulhane or Sultan Ahmet sitation.


Ride Sirkeci- Halkalı commuter rail line and come to Sirkeci and than ride tramway.


If you at Anatolian side of can use steamship.Kadiköy_Eminönü , Üsküdar-Eminönü steamship line come to Eminönü than can ride tramway .
              But if dont know and afraid to lose can ride on taxi and its easy way for to come .

  • At the summer season ( 15 April - 1 November 

  • The Hagia Sophia is a museum so must buy ticket for to come inside and box-office close at 6 pm in the summer season
  • Ticket cost is 25 Turkish Lİra

  • The Hagia Sophia is closed at mondays. 
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