Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul in 1453 than Ottoman Empire changed capital city so Istanbul was new capital city.Topkapı Palace construction started in 1460 and was finished in 1478.Palace had 700.000 squaremeters area and 5 kilometers city wall. Topkapaı Palace was built İstanbul peninsula and before there was Eastern Roman Empire Acropolis that area. Topkapı Palece between Marmara sea, Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.Many Sultan used that palace about 400 years, when Dolmabahçe Palace was built by Sultan Abdulmecit, Ottoman dynasty moved to Dolmabahçe Palace but Topkapı Palace never lose importance.

Topkapı Palace was diferent from another palaces in the world because Topkapı Palace was not only Sultan's home.At the same time, Palace was official headquarters,central council of ministers,treasury center, mint, university, 

Topkapı Palace was used as like museum Sultan Abdulmecit's sovereignty.He showed Topkapı Palece's treasury for British envoy after than it aws become custom.In 1924, modern Turkish Repuplic father Atatürk decided that Topkapı Palace would serve museum.

What Will See in Topkapı Museum

Topkapı Palace museum is very rich about  historical artifact and very large. Mansions, Hagia Irene Church,relics, Sacred Relics Departmen (things about Prophets and caliphs),Harem Departmen,crystal glass porcelain works,treasure rooms.

How Can Visit Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace museum is in İstanbul peninsula and not far away Sultan Ahmet Square so its easy to find there.

  • Topkapı Palace Museum is open 09:00 am- 6:45 pm ( summer season) Ticket shop close 06:00 pm 
  • Museum closed just tuesdays another days open.
  • Museum Ticket entarence cost 30 Turkish Lira (except Harem)
  • Harem and Halberdiesr Tresses Dormitary 15 Turkish Lira
  • Hagia Irene enterence 20 Turkish Lira
  • Pleae do not take photo inside objects can affect
  • While visiting Sacred Relics Departmen do not wear shorts, mini-skirts,tank tops clothing
  • Do not smoke in museum
  • do not enterance museum departmens whit stroller

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