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Antalya is capital city of tourism in Turkey. Many foreign and local tourists visit Antalya every year ( 11,1 million visitor come to Antalya in 2014 ). Especially Russian and German visitors prefer Antalya and there are many Russian people live in Antalya and around I think that when they Antalya they dont think to come back.Why Antalya is very famous, because Antalya is near Mediterranean and have Mediterranean climate so tourism season is long and has hot weather.Antalya has very clear beaches ( have blue flag),historical and natural touristy places.

Antalya's old name was Antalela.In the time it become Antalya.Antalya's mean is Attolos homeland, Attolos was founder of Antalya city. Previously, Antalya was important city too, it was trade city in Anatolia so Seljuks, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire were built many things and gave importance.

What I will see at Antalya ;

Antalya Beaches 

Antalya have 500 kilometers coastline so have many beaches.Some beaches for public some beaches are for hotels. Many beaches have blue flag Antalya so they are very clear.

Kleopatra Beach 

It's at the west of Alanya and has 2 kilometers coastline and very wide.Has good sand and fordable sea. Reportedly, Kleopartra had bath in that area.

Konyaaltı Beach

It is at west of Antalya and far about 3 kilometers. That beach has gravel and sand mix. It is a public beach and has hotels and restaurants around.

Lara Beach

It is at east of Antalya and far about 12 kilometers. That beach has good sand and pine trees around, is public beach

Another beaches ; Incekum, Doğu, Ulaş, Sorgun, Koru, Adalar, Kemer, Phaselis, Patara. I will write an detailed article about that beaches later.

Ancient Cities

Antalya region is very old and important port  in history so has many historical structure.I will give more information about them but now I will write a little things


Aspendos in the east of Antalya and about far 48 kilometers.There is an ancient theater in Aspendos which most protected ancient theater in Turkey.It was constructed bye Arthitect Zeno who was son of Theodoros.


Patara Antique city is between Fetiye- Kaş, far from 41 kilometers Kaş.It was one of important city Lykia region in antique ages. It was important port for Byzantium and Roman Empires.


Antiphellos was connecting road between Karia and Lykia. İt was an important port city.


Myra is in the district Demre and around, there are Lykia rock tombs , Roman Empire theatre and St. Nicholas Church from Byzantium Empire age.


Xanthos is far about 45 kilometers from Kaş in Kınık township. Xanthos was most important religious and administrative center.

Natural Places

There is four national park and a natura park in Antalya region.

  • Olimpos Bey Mountain National Park
  • Termessos National Park
  • Altınbeşik Cave National Park
  • Köprülü Kanyon National Park

Night Life

There is an actine night life in Antalya and another districts.Especially summer season opening bar and discos at marina area. There are some little rock bars at Kaleiçi streets and entertainment continues until the morning.

How Can Go Antalya

Antalya have a internationa airport and has direct plane some countries but if does not have can come from İstanbul airport.Ig want to come from istanbul whit bus can use Kamil Koç,Metro, Ulusoy,Varan and Pamukkale bus company.

I just wanted to write something about Antalya I will add detailed articles ancient cities and national parks and beaches, I hope you might like 

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