Troya War and The Trojan Horse Legend

                Troya War and Trojan Horse Legend

There was a war between Akhal and Troya people about 10 years because Sparta King Menelaos's wife Helen kidnaped by Troya King Priamos's son Paris whit the godess of beauty Aphrodite.After than Menelous and another Greek city empires declared to war Troya. Anatolian people supported Troya at that war because Akhals were enemy for Anatolians.But Troya and Anatolians had hard defense so war took about many years.Enemies did not overtower. Than Akhal commander Odyseus thought a shrewd plan and they constructed a wood horse but there were strong warriors and commander Odyseus inside on wood horse, another army hid at sea. When Troyas saw this situation came to wood horse and they saw a soldier near horse.That soldier decieved Troyas and said hate Akhals they sacrificed me godness for to have wild to come Greece.He continued and said that horse constructed for Godness Athena and it was big because they din not want to Troyas took it in city center so when Troyas destroyed horse godness Athena would be angry and could give punishment Troyas.Troyas wanted to peace so believed him lies.

 Troyas took that wood horse in city center and celebrated peace and drunk much,When they become drunken , comander Odyseus and warriors went out horse and opened city doors for hidden army.There was a massacre and city was detroyed, burned.Menelous returned to Greece whit his wife.

          Troya Ancient City

Troya is famous ancient city in the world.Troya  added world heritage centre bye UNESCO in 1998. Troya ancient city have nine layers so it show that about 3000 years age. First layer show that 3000-2500 BC Early Bronze Age.Last year belong to Roman Empire. First archaeological excavations made bye Heinrich Schliemann in 1871.

How Can Visit There

Troya Acient city at Çanakkale and can find bus Çanakkale from İstanbul.It takes about 6 hours ( can change for bus company).There are many good hotels in Çanakkale so accommodation is not problem.I prefer to hotel near sea have amazing clear sea.
NOTE: That wood horse made for Troya movie than gifted Çanakkale people,when visit there can see that horse.

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