Turkish Bath Hamam


Turkish Bath Hamam

Cleanings is very important  to live healty and first bathrooms occured at Roman Empire age. Cleaaning is very important in islamic countries so Turkish people created hamams and in the past homes did not have bathrooms so all cities have hamam so hamam have a different culture and  important in life, people to socialized in hamams in the past, mothers found bride for sons.

Turkish Bath Culture

In the past male and female used same hamam , in the morning male's time after than females used. Hamam was a meeting area for females because traditional rules did not allow to socialization outside. At that meetings females drinks,eating, singing, playing instruments clean and fun were together.

How can go a hamam

All cities have hamam in Turkey but in tourisitcal places have modern and historical hamams especially in istanbul Çemberlitaş, Galatasary, Süleymaniye hamams are very famous and serve tourists.Another toursitical places and hotels have hamam too. What must take for hamam ? Really dont need to take hamams give everything.

Hamams is not much expensive and costs changing and minimum 50£ if want to sauna and spa massages costy can increase.

What is include at 50£
  • Washing and soap massage
  • Towel (pestemal, as like long pareo
  • Slippers 
  • Bikini or shorts ( if desire )
In touristy hamams mix female and male can use together but if want chooise only female or male hamams. Hamams start to work from 10 am to 23 pm everyday.Customers can use hamam about 60 or 90 minutes. Hamam can be dangerous for pregnants because there are much steam and under 4 years old kids cant come inside, 4 -6 years are free.

Some İstanbul Hamams

Süleymaniye Hamam http://www.suleymaniyehamami.com.tr/default.asp

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