Turkish Delight

Turkish delight is in Turkish culture some centuries but I think that we are not successful publicity.Turkish delght is our life,while drink Turkish coffee, at the special days (engagement ceremony), at he Ramadhan festival (another name festival of sweets),when visitors come our house we serve Turkish delight so its in our life and culture.

Turkish delight's Turkish mean is lokum and it name came from arabian language and its mean refreshing throat. There are many rumors about Turkish delight history some people say that Turkish delight was produced since 15th century. Another idea Sultan Abdülhamit wanted soft candy and organized a competition.Hacı Bekir won competition so he was originator of Turkish delight.

Hacı Bekir moved from Kastamonu to İstanbul in 1777 and opened a candy shop near Spice Bazaar. He sold candy and Turkish delight,Sultan Abdülhamit gave award and he worked in palace Sultan's special confectioner.Hacı Bekir's shop still sell Turkish delights at ame place and it is very popular.

what is ingredients in Turkish Delight

There are many things in Turkish delight and that harmony is really delicious.Main nutrients are water , sugar and starch.But it can change kinds and add hazelnut, pistachio, walnut, rose, mint, lemon, ginger, vanilla, orange in Turkish delight.

where can buy Turkish delight

when visit Turkey can find Turkish delight everywhere because its really popular candy but some cities are more famous at that job.Especially Safranbolu Turkish delight famous in Turkey but don't worry, dont need to go Safranbolu just for to but Turkish delight ( but can visit that area for to see that wonedrfull Safranbolu houses).Cn find uality Turkish delight in Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and around that bazaars.

I hope you might like that candy ,,,

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