Turkish Döner

Turkish Döner

Turkish döner is very famous in Turkey and can say that its our fast food meal.There is a big competition another fast food meals (hamburger , sandwich). Especially some Europian country know that meal many Turkish working at this sector in Europa, Germany, France, Belgium.I will try to give information about that meal.

At rumors, Döner's originate came from Crimean people was broiling meats whit sword. At the 18th century travelogues can hear some meals siimiliar döner. Curently Döner's origin came from İskender Efendi and many people say that İskender efendi is inventor of Turkish Döner.

How is made Turkish Döner

 DÖner made from beef, lamb. chicken meats but most quality Döner made from beef meat.Most important this is meat must cut as like sheet, must be very thin. Can add sheep suet between meat layers , it could be more delicious.At economical Döners can add minced meat.

Meat, milk, sunflower  oil(can use another plant oils), onion juice, salt and pepper must mix and stay a night in tray. Than meats thrust on skewer.Than Döner must turn in front of fire. when meat broil, that part must cut very thin and must cut up to down.when sheep sute start to melt ,can strew that melt oil on döner again.

Döner can change at retaurant or shop types.Some restaurant serve döner on palte whit salad and pickle.

Some restaurant serve döner between bread and salad,ketchup, mayonnaise and buttermilk

Some restauran serve döner between lavash ( Turkish traditional roll bread).

I prefer to eat between bread and drink buttermilk. Especially eat beef meat its more delicious.

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