Circumcision Ceremony

Circumcision Ceremony

Today I hear car klaxons when I went to balcony , saw that it was a circumcision, remember that schools finished for holiday and circumcision season start than decided to write about this subject because that is very important ceremony for parents and its part of tradition.For parents, there are 2 ceremony first one is circumcision second one is wedding.
There are circumcision at some nation culture, some nations do it for religion some nation for tradition these days saome people do for healty.WHO advice circumcision for man healty.In Turkey, we do it for our religion, in islam tradition when a boy have 8, 9 years old ( maybe more early ) he must be circumcision.

Previously, there were  circumciser for it, they were not a doctor and they did not use surgeon technic, was using razor for curcimcision.But these days parents prefer to doctor and hospital for healty.These days, parents do circumcision before ceremony, previously circumciser did it while ceremony.

While circumcision boy's uncles or father's best friend hold boys arms for dont escape so people call that person's name ''kirve'' .Think it as like groomsman.Because parents can afraid and cant look at while cutting so kirve must be whit boy.

After circumcision boy must be rest some days.It hurt a few days so parents prepare circumcision bed. They adorn a bed for to make happy little boy. Because he start to become man.In our tradition when circumcision is first step to be man and our fathers say that if a boy don't circumcision he can't marry a girl.It as like a adage.When people visit and celebrate parents, they give money or gold for celebration.They give gifts to parents or puy under pillow.

After a few days boy wear his special wears for ceremony. Before go to ceremony boy and parents relatives trip city whit convoy.Than they come to ceremony area ,firstly pray or chant than food cervice, traditional folklore and ceremony finish when relatives gifts for boy.

It is about ou culture so want to write about it.

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