Maiden Castle

Maiden castle or old name Korykos, it is a small town far away from 60 kilometers west of Mersin. That coastal town is hidden treasure of the Mediterranean It has good climate,beautiful sight, wide  beaches and clear sea ( has blue flag).Especially domestic toursits visit there so foreign toursits not dense, not much crowded so peaceful and calm, much suitable for families.

Mersin is situated at southern Anatolia, near Mediterranean sea.There is bus from Antalya, İzmir and İstanbul and there is a airport at Mersin so transportation is easy.Maiden Castle is located district Erdemli.

History of Maiden Castle

Maiden castle was built on small island 200 meters far away from seashore.Korykos was by clonists who came from Aegean 4th centruy B.C.After Roma Emperor Pompeius clenaed Kilikya pirates, Korkya become a center of trade.According to Herrodotus Korykos was founded by prince of Cyprus.When Syrian King Antonious the second, in 197 BC counquered Eygpt’s coasts again, for the first time this city’s name is mentioned.Maiden castle was built by Byzantium Commander Eusthatios in 1104 for to defence lands.

Legends of Maiden Castle

That legend is similiar the Maiden Tower in İstanbul.Once upon a time there was a king living in this region who loved his daughter very much. According to the myth, one fortune teller had said to the king that his daughter would be killed by a snake.Than , in order to protect his daughter the king built a castle in the sea.His dauuhter started to live in castle.IN a celebration in castle, a woman send a basket of grapes but there was a snake in basket.When princes come to her room, she wanted to eat grapes than snake bited her and she died.

Mersin could be a choice for a persons who dont like crowded place. İt has very clear beaches and touristical places, its easy to visit Antakya from to Mersin.

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