Myra Ruins and Saint Nikolaos

Myra Ruins

Myra ruins are located in district Kale(Demre) in Antalya region.Myra was a Lycia city.Lycia period's tombs,antique theater and Saint Nikolaos Church ( Santa Claus) are attentions domestic and foreign tourists.Every year many tourists visit there.

According to tombs,Lycian inscriptions and coins,At the least there was a city 5th century B.C. After 2th century A.D Lycian richs improved city, constructed new buildings and restored.Myra became important city for Lycia.

Myra was very famous at
Saint Nikolaos church
Byzantium period.İt was important for religion and administrative.Because Saint Nikolaos was living in Myra.He was very famous in that region.According to myth, he has liked children and sailors liked and repect him much.Even they used Nikolaos icon at ships and they weare saying 'Saint Nikholaos save yours helm' before go sailing.Saint Nikolaos Church was built in 6th century after when Nikolaos died.Currentyl church was built in 8th century.After floods and earthquakes Myra become a village in 12th century.

Located in the southern foothills of the Acropolis theatre have Roman Empire periods charec typical features.Rows of seats and platform building are strong still.There are tombs near theater.Some tombs have glyphs.That glyphs about deceased and his relatives.

Myra ruins enterance is 15 Turkish Lira and museum of the Saint Nikolaos enterance is 15Turkish Lira.Demre is far away about 280 kilometers from Antalya.There is bus from Antalya to Demre.

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