Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut Mountain National Park

Numrut mountain in located in district Kahta in Adıyaman, there are ruins about Kommagene Kingdom.Adıyaman- Kahta itinerary use for transportation,national park far away 94 kilometers  from Malatya.there are Nemrut mountain, Kommagene King Antiochos's tumulus and holy places in National park area. Archaeologists cant find King Antiochos's tomb still.There is no site at east side of mountain, there are tumulus and holy place only.Tumulus is on the 2150 meters height.

How I Can Go to Nemrut Mountain National Park

April to October season is the most suitable season for to climb mountain.Can watch sunshine and sunset at mountain, it is really amazing and can find this another place on the world.Adıyaman has an airport so can use airplane. Especially tours come to visit there but if want to come  own vehicle can come asphalt way to Karadut village from there way is cobblestone. Can rent a car Kahtalı and Adıyaman for to visit there.There is many hotel and hostel around Kahta and Adıyaman so accommodation is not problem and can use hotel restaurants.But I offer to go there whit tour agency.

Kommagene Kingdom

Kommagene kingdom founded in 1th century B.C and  lived until in 72D.C. They were under rule of Asur.Than , they gained independence and had lands east of Anatolia. Antiochos I was most important king Kommagene Kingdom.Because his targets were more bigger than his kingdom.He had planned a creat a new religion.His target was mix west greek religion and east Pers religion.Nemrut mountain would be center of new religion, he would radiate new religion and domineer all world. he would be god and immortal.He had did everything for that target, built very big temples and statuaries on Nemrut mountain but did not fiinish because he died.His son did not continue that project.

İf come to Turkey do not come back whitouse see that amazing park, I hope you might like , do not forget to drop comments, 

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