Ramadan İs Coming


Ramadan is really important for Turkish and islam countries.Ramadan is holy month and has special rules.It has mysterious atmosphere.I will describe ramadan for people who do not know, in ramadan healty muslim persons fasting and do not drink, eat somethings and do not do sexual activites but after evening call to prayer ( its mean iftar) can do that things. Actually Ramadan's real mean control body wishes and make empathy for to understand poor people.

Ramadan's atmosphere making good people, feel happy and do not want to fight person, want to good things always.Muslims believe that devils do not work in that month so can say that Ramadan is peace and pray month.

Ramadan fasting start with call prayer of morning ( we call it'sname ezan ) and continue throughout day and finish with evening ezan.Before morning ezan we get up for to eat something and that situation have a special name , we call it's name sahur.In previously Ramadan drummer arouse people.Currently ramadan drummer working in ramadan but people get up with alarms.But its traditional after ramadan they gather money.In previously people use Cannon with evening ezan for declared to start eating.That time have special name too, we call that it's name iftar.After iftar time we go to mosque for pray it take about about a hour and it has special name too, its name teravih.

We have special meals for ramadan especially güllaç very
ramadan special foods
delicious.Can see a güllaç photo right side. We share our meals at ramadan with poor persons ramadan's mean share and understand, help another persons.When finish to ramadan we have festival, its name ramadan festival and we call it Ramazan bayram.I will write an article about ramadan festival too.

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