Suleyman the Magnificent

Suleyman the Magnificent

Many people watcing Turkish tv series and there is a very famous serie about Suleyman the Magnificent's life so want to write something about Suleyman because his life different from that tv serie.Suleyman the Magnificent was born in Trabzon on 27th April 1495.His father was Selim I and his mother was Ayşe Hafsa Sultan.When Suleyman was born Selim I was governor in Trabzon. Suleyman had good education and training.

When Selim died in 1520, his only one son Suleyman had become Sultan.When he become Sultan, he was 25 yeard old.Suleyman was 10th Sultan Ottoman Empire. He had reigned for 46 years (1520-1566).His reign is longest time at Ottoman Empire.Europian writers mentioned about him 'great' or magnificent but our native historians call that lawgiver (kanuni in turkish) Because he made written laws and applied them strictly. He was a very gracious ruler, very fair and he never tyrannised his people

Suleyman the Magnificent was succesfull sultan. He had conquest many countries.Belgrad(1521), Rodos(1522), Mohaç(1526), Bağdat ve Tebriz(1534), Boğdan ve Preveze(1538), Macaristan(1541), Estergon(1543), Trablusgarp(1551), Irak, Azerbaycan ve Erivan(1555), Sakız Adası(1566)..In Sultan Selim I period Ottoman empire had 6.557.000 square meters than Suleyman period Ottoman had 14.893.000 square meters.

Suleyman had won Mohaç pitched battle.Turkish Ottoman army had defeated Hungarian army in 2 hours at Mohaç.It is shortest pitched battle time in history.Can see that war strategy that video.

Suleyman the Magnificent son's Selim II, Bayezid, Abdullah, Murad, Mehmed, Mahmud, Cihangir, Mustafa, his daughters Mihriman Sultan, Raziye Sultan.When Suleyman died Selim II had become Sultan. He is son of Hurrem Sultan.
Hurrem Sultan photo

Hurrem Sultan, Mahidevran Sultan,Gulfem Hatun,Fulane Hatun were wife of Suleyman the Magnificent.According to historical documents Fulane Hatun was first wife when he was prince, he meet her.Hurrem Sultan's  origin was ukraine and Suleyman had loved her much.

Suleyman was died his last surround Zigetvar.He died on 6th semptember in 1566.

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