Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish Maraş Ice Cream

Season is summer and weather become hot these days.While eating ice cream I decided to write about Turkish traditional ice cream because its different another factory prouct, its more delicious and hard.When say ice cream in Turkey many person say something about Maraş because it is ice cream's  fatherland so its very famous in Turkey and they export Maraş ice cream.USA,Germany, BAE, Bulgaria, England, China, Korea, Tunis,Austria,Egypt consume that ice cream.

History of Maraş İce Cream

There was a product in Ottoman Empire period and it name was Karsambaç.In winters,people digged a well and save ice inside well at the high mountains for to make Karsambaç.Than they mixed milk, fruit and ice in summers.Than they added sugar that mixture.Some pople added boiled grape juice or honey.

Osman Agha was selling orchis for Ottoman Palaces and rich mansions.One season they saved residual orchis inside ice.The next day orchis's taste attention Osman Agha because ıt was changed.He has seen that sugar,milk and orchis mixture stretched as like gum.Than that new taste become famous.

Maraş Ice Cream's Features

Especially goat milk important for Maraş ice cream.Their goats feed on Ahir mountain in Maraş.That mountain have special plants so mily give special taste for ice cream.Than that milk boil at 90 centigrade degree and add sugar, orchis.That mixture must mix until get consistency.Than mixture must wait about   6-8 hours.When ice cream frozen at -6 centigrade degree  its ready to eat.That ice cream really different, its hard to cut it but when take in mounth it start to melt easily.There are 135 mg calcium, 115 mg phosphorus, 100 mg. sodium, 160 mg. potassium, 0.1 mg. mineral iron, 130 mg. A, 0.21 mg. E 0.25 mg. B, and 0.13 mg other vitamins in 100 gram Maraş ice cream

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