Turkish Traditional Drink Ayran

Turkish Traditional Drink Ayran

We are in ramadan now and fasting but today is really hot and need a cold ayran now.Today will open my fasting with ayran at evening.Want to give some information about ayran.Some nations drink some drinks much.Russians like to drink vodka, mexicans tequila and Turkish people drink much ayran so its really famous in Turkey.Can find ayran everywhere ayran in Turkey, restaurants,markets,supermarkets.

Some meals must eat with ayran, especially Turkish döner ,Turkish Kebab, meatball,toast.That meals really good with ayran.Whne come to Turkey must taste them with ayran. But can make ayran in home too.Its really easy to make it.Ayran is very healty so will tell how can make ayran

How to Make Ayran

We just need yogurt,blender,water and a little salt.Firstly must mix yogurt with blender about a minute than add enough water, it can be cold water I prefer cold water.Than add a little salt and mix 20 30 seconds.Ayran ready to drink.

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