A Terrorist Organization's Military Coup and Democracy

A Terrorist Organization's Military Coup and Democracy

FETO terrorist organization tried and military coup at 15 th. july but they did not be succesfull because their target was not only democracy they don't want strong Turkey and their owners.Because their leader is living at USA and they support them because they want a trusty goverment on Turkey. Turkey produced many guns(national tanks, helicopters, infantry weapons, warships, cannon) than do not buy military equipments so USA lose their military market.Turkey is strong  state on middle east and if someone want to play on that area they must act with Turkey but Turkey do not take order anymore because Turkey do not hurt oppressed people ( it principle come from Turkish genes and from Ottoman Empire)

         I want to give some information about FETO terrorist organization.Firstly they was a islamic community so many people supported them, gave money, golds ,lands because people believed that they are trying for islam and poor students.They used educations system and deceived poor student and their families.About 40 years people thought that they are just islamic comunity but in this time they had many militant at  media, police, army, judiciary,universities and another state departments.But than they want more power and they started a war with president Recep Tayyip Erdogan because he decided to abolish their private course and wa started on 2013.Than Erdogan understand their target they want to capture state. they tried some tricks but they were not succesfull.Because Erdogan strong and Turkish people with him.

      They tried military couple because they learned Erdogan's plan because he  identified their persons and he would them from state especially ar army when they learned Erdogan's plan they tried military coup but they did not think Turkish people.

 Erdogan was at vocation with family at that night so a special force team attacked his hotel but they did not find Erdogan because when Erdıgan learned situation he escape from hotel they just missed Erdogan only 15 minutes.While he was on hotel he invited people on squares and airports on tv with mobile phone.He s supreme commander at the same time but its symbolic.Tham milions walked squares for Erdogan,democracy and motherland.

People,police depertman and patriotic soldiers defenced our motherland and democracy.But they killed 240 persons and there are 2000 woundeds because when Turkish people together anything cant control them and we know that its not only a military coup its an occupation plan and we do not allow them.

7 th august, about 5 million people meet for to democracy at İstanbul and about 50 million people at squares another cities. we show that we are strong and claim our motherland flag and democracy..Now everything is better and become normal so do not afraid to visit Turkey

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