Doctor Fishes

Doctor Fishes

I will write about health toursim at this article, there are many psoriasis and another skin problems. It affect people's health, life,psychology because everybody want to look better in this century.Patients trying some ways for that problems so I will advice a natural way for that problems.Doctor fishes solve that problems , that fishes really different, they are special and like to eat dead skins and they live in hot weather and thatweather have many minerals. That minerals good for skin and wounds.

When I was child we went there and tasted how it works ,I  dont have any skin problem but there are some places in there. Some pools for patients some pool for normal people. That place is at the Kangal,, Kangal is far from 96 kilometers.There are some hotels in that health campus and not much expensive per 90-130 Turkish Lira.

How they treatment

Fishes are different they live in hot weather and can be 10 cm height , they like to eat dead skin do not worry just feel that they are tickling your skin do not feel much.They are cleaning dead skin and weather have special minerals, especially selenium benefit skin.

How can I go there 

That place at Kangal city and its about far from Sivas so must come to Sivas firstly by bus or plane but plane is better way because Sivas very far from İstanbul, it takes about 10 hours from İstanbul.

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