balıklı göl
Sanliurfa is one of the most important holy and historic places Balikligol (Aynzeliha Halil-ur Rahman) will try to explain the lake. Fish lake located south west of the city of Şanlıurfa and thrown into the fire of Abraham is known as the place where the fall. This is the holy and historical sites around the lake with possession of Sanliurfa is the most popular tourist places.

History of Fish Lake

Nimrod who was a terrible cruel king, saw a dream than his sorcerers said that ' a baby will born and he will kill you and your tin god.Than Nimrod killed all babies that year but Abraham's mother Sara escaped and hide in a cave.Abraham was born in that cave and Sara made a cradle for him.An gazelle gave milk for Abraham. After years Nimrod's soldier found Abrahim in that cave and take him. Nimrod liked that babyand grown. When ABraham become adult he saw that Nimrod very cruel king and they believe idol god but Abraham did not believe them Nimrod's stepchild Zeliha believe Abraham's ideas and fall in love him.One day Abraham destroyed idols than Nimrod decided to gave punishment to Abraham. Nimrod created a very big area with woods than wanted to throwing with ballista.When Abraham fall into the woods that area become a lake and that woods become a fish and there is a little like that area and that lake become with Zeliha's tears
That area and fishes holy and people save them every year many tourists visit Şanlıurfa and Abraham lake. At the same time Şanlıurfa has very famous meals and cuisine.

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