Firstly I want to say something about ISIS I do not believe that they are real muslims, they killing childrens, they killing innocent person they saying jihad but always attacking muslim countries and there are many foreign warrior just for money so they are fake terrorist organization for to start world war III.

Mosul is under control ISIS about a year and they conquered Mosul without war so I will ask that where were the Iraq army while they were attacking Mosul, they were busy to escape because Mosul population mostly Turkish people.Why ISIS have heavy guns while Iraq army escaping they did not take heavy guns so ISIS have tanks too so we can think that an army waiting to coalition army.

Why coalition army did not be succesfull at Syria because they bombed just free lands and mountains and USA supported PYD terrorist organization they are not strong and their real target is not ISIS they want a terror way Iraq to mediterrean sea. I can not understand why USA support hem they are enemy of Turkey and  Turkey is most succesfull country for to battle, Turkish army and ÖSO attcacking ISIS and cleaned long area in Syria.

Turkey is most succesfull country for to battle with ISIS so why Iraq prime minister Abadi does not want Turkey.It's really strange because real target is not to clean Mosul, real target is Shiite Mosul.Turkey is sunnis and leader of the muslim countries so Abadi is near Iran so he is attacking President Erdogan and saying that we do not want Turkish army in Iraq so I want to ask him why there are 63 country's army at Iraq. Turkey has 331 km boundary with Iraq,there are our brothers in Mosul and another cities and PKK terrorist organization stay in Iraq so Turkey will be at Iraq until clean all of terrorists.

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