Republic Day

 Republic Day

October 29 is special day in Turkey and we celebrate republic day.Student and Turkish army prepare some shows for today and many people join with turkish flags that shows.At night creat torchlight procession and firework shows.Turkish army show our weapons and military march.

History of Republis Day

Ottoman Empire become weak at 1900s and political strife affected Ottoman's future and they did not keep pace with technology so Ottoman army started to lose wars finally Greece,United Kingdom,Italy and France started to invade Anatolia. Anatolia is our last motherland so a hero and Turkish people decided to resist that invade.Ottoman Sultan was helpless so Ataturk created parliament at Ankara and started our independence war and Ataturk chose republic regime for Turkish people at 29 October 1923.Since 1925 we celebrate that day this year we are celebrating 93th years of Turkish Republic.

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