Winter Tourism


Winter Tourism

 Turkey have tourism potential all seasons because we can see four seasons in Turkey.In a season different  places can have different temperatures maybe can not believe but while snowing in a city people can swim at Antalya. Turkey has 3 months winter season and has good facility for winter season.Especially Uludağ mountain (in Bursa region,Kartalkaya (Bolu region)Palandöken (in Erzurum region,Ilgaz mountain (Kastomunu region)                                                                            

Uludağ Mountain

It is the most famous skiing center in Turkey and many foreign tourists visit every winter Uludağ too. Uludağ is far from Bursa about 36 kilometers and it has National Park statue since 1961 so there are professional business managers at Uludağ. There are hotelsi motels, skiing tours, entertainment and dance facilities, shopping centers,private ski lessons,ski rental, snow board,.Uludağ mountain's summit is 2543 meters ,, hotel areas at 2000 meters.

Palandöken Mountain

Palandöken has really good winter tourism facility and has very big capacityand 32.000 person can use ski area and there can be international games in that area.
In 2011,intercollegiate Winter Olympics created by Turkey in Palandöken.Palandöken is at the Erzurum region and has 3185 meters summit and Erzurum really so cold so season is long at Palandöken weather can be -20,,-30.There is flights between Erzurum- İstanbul and Erzurum- Anakara and Ski area is far from 5 kilometers Erzurum city center.

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