Today I will introduce one of important touristical place Bodrum.Bodrum has everything for holiday sun, beaches, sea, history, antique cities.But Bodrum have better things too, lush nature,white bodrum homes,narrow streets and peace.Bodrum live 24 hours and an important tourstical place with tourism and entertainments.Foreign and domestic visitors can find that they need.Turkish starts prefer Bodrum for holiday every season.

İf want sea and beach on holiday you are right place if you are at Bodrum.Bodrum has clear sea and beaches.Hotels have private beaches too and there are sea sports activities so people can spend time in sea.Bodrum really has a tourim culture so they know that job.

When visit Bodrum you must see Bodrum castle, its really famous in Bodrum and still look strong long time ago that castle constructed by knights.Bodrum castle is the most robust cast of the Eastern Mediterranean and there is the second largest underwater archeology museum in the world in Bodrum castle.

Bodrum has a long history so many cultures lived in there and they gave important structure to Bodrum.While walking in Bodrum can see an ancient theatre opposite to Bodrum castle.It look amazing with its magnificence and location.People use there for concert and exhibitions.

Do list for Bodrum

Visit Bodrum castle
Visit underwater archeology museum 
Spend time at ancien theater
Do sea sports and join blue tours and enjoy with amazing sea.
Taste Bodrum cuisine
Buy traditional gifts.

Where I can stay in Bodrum

Bodrum really famous touristical place for domestic and foreign visitors so its really hard to find somewhere in summer season so must take reservation before visit there if you do not come here with tours.Can find 5 stars hotels and  hostels its about budget.But if you like night live must stay castle around.

How I can go Bodrum

Bodrum is a district but its more famous than Muğla.Can use airways and bus for to go Bodrum airway is best one because Bodrum is far from İstanbul and Ankara. İf you use bus can go Bodrum 12 hours but with by plane just a hour and Turkish airlines fly Milas airport and airport far from 36 kilometers to Bodrum.

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