Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace

İstanbul has a rich history because Byzantium Empire and Ottoman Empire lived here many years and that Empires gave many vestiges İstanbul.Domabahce one of the Ottoman empire vestige near Bosphorus.Domabahce look like a pearl near Bosphorus and completing each other.

Topkapı Palace become not enough for meetings so Sultan Abdulmecit decided to built new palace so gave that duty architects Garabet Balyan and his son Nikoğos. Abdulmecit Sultan was thirty first Ottoman Sultan.They finished Dolmabahce Palace between 1843-1856.That years Otoman was weak but they built magnificent Palace.

Domabahce Palace consist, State Apartments, Ceremonial Halls and Imperial Harem.State Apartments for administrative affairs .Imperial Harem for Sultan's private live, his family and their private live.Ceremonial halls for special days and welcome ceremonies

Some information about Dolmabahce Palace

  • The outside of the building is mode of stone, the interior walls are made of brick and the floors are made of wood
  • Between 1910-12 added electrical and heating system
  • There are  usable floor area of 45,000 square meters, 285 rooms, 44 halls and 6 hamams
  • Ceremonial Hall has amazing features, its  2000 square meters, 56 columns, a dome of 36 meters high and an English chandelier which is 4.5 tons.Sultan wanted to show Ottoman Empire's power with ceremony hall.

Six Ottoman Empire Sulan lived Dolmabahce Palace until 1924.Than Palace used presidency palace between 1027-1949.Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died at Dolmabahce Palace 10 November,1938.Dolmabahce become museum palace since 1984.

How I can Go Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce is in Besiktas region at İstanbul so can walk there about 15 minutes from Taksim or can use any bus,ferry, tram towards Besiktas.It can be visited from 09:00 to 16:00 every day except Monday and Thursday.The full ticket is 30, the discount ticket is 15 Lira.It can change because some part has extra fee.

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