Fethiye and Oludeniz


Fethiye is one of the beautiful district of Muğla.Fethiye is between Aegean and Mediterranean, has mediterrenean climate.You know that area have many good beaches and historical vestiges so similiar another touristical place and many foreign and domestic tourists visit there summer season.I will try to give some information about that beautiful area.


The town has spectacular natural beauties, Oludeniz Beach, one of the famous beaches of the world, is waiting for you and your esteemed guests with its unique and serene beauty. Calis Beach is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the beach. The beach is thrilling in the heart of those who see white sands, blue and clear sea.

Butterfly Valley

You can say hello to the tiger-like butterflies. You will admire this region, which is dedicated only to the Private and Tour Boats. The bottom note is that the sea is very clean but a bit pebbly. Fethiye Butterfly Valley is one of the 100 mountains proposed to be preserved as a world heritage due to the endemic species it possesses. The Valley of Butterflies located on the skirts of Babadağ was declared a natural site on February 8, 1995 and closed to all kinds of constructions. If such a decision had not been taken today, we would not have such a natural beauty.

Calıs Beach

The guests of the fethiye are so affected from nature that there are people who say, "You can go to work only to watch the sunset." Caretta Caretta is a rare beach where the sea turtles have left their eggs with the risk of extinction in the beach area.

Kaya köy (Rock village)

A city built of stone. It is one of the most visited regions of the province. There is a comprehensive restoration in the recent history. But now you have absolutely to walk through this work, which is now known as the ghost town, to which no one lives.

Do list in Fethiye

  • Fethiye's beaches, must spend good time at beaches and blue tours.
  • Butterfly valley must visit
  • Oludeniz and Calıs beach must see
  • Paragliding if you are not have high fear
  • If you like historical places must see Kaya köy

How can go Fethiye

Dalama airport is not far away Fethiye , its about 55 kilometers so must prefer to plane for to come Fethiye.There are bus between Fethiye and Oludeniz.
I will say again summer season can be crowded and there are hotels and motels for per budgets. I hopw you might like.

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