Bursa is in my favourite city list maybe number one because its really special city with it's history, nature,industry and location.If I find a good company I am planing to work in Bursa.So todat I will write about Bursa.

Firstly I want to speak about Bursa industry I will give some information maybe you heard that Bursa furniture its really famous especially İnegöl location owrk about that sector and they export many countries and İnegol is leader at the furniture in Turkey.Bursa really big participant about textile too.

Bursa is very old city so has very historical value and since 1326 Turkish people live in Bursa.Bursa conquest by Orhan Ghazi in 1326 and become Ottoman Empire capital city until conquest Edirne so Ottoman Empire has very architectural work in Bursa.

Ulucami Mosque

Ulucami is symbol of Bursa and everyday many foreign and domestic toursits visit there.Ottoman Empire Sultan I. Bayezid ordered for construction in 1399.Ulucami is really look amazing if think that technology of 1399.

 Uludağ Mountain

Anyway I wrote about Uludağ before at Winter tourism about Turkey but I will write a few things again.Uludağ is center tourism location for winter season.There are many good hotels, sky area,winter activities and not far away from Bursa can go there with car and rope way.

Grand Bazaar

Yeah there is a grand bazaar in Bursa too maybe not much crowded as İstanbul Grand Bazaar but there are really good things in there.I said Bursa has good location because it between trade way so in the past so  Bursa was important for merchants and first bazaar area created at Orhan Ghazi ages so Bursa Grand Bazaar older than İstanbul Grand Bazaar.

What you can do in Bursa Grand Bazaar ? Can buy some gifts in there there are really good textile products in there and can exchange money, eat traditional meals and spend nice time in there Grand Bazaar is center in Bursa.

 Iskender kebab 

Bursa is motherland Iskender kebab so do not come back without to eat iskender kebab I can not say anything about it just you must taste.

 Gölyazı village

 İf you like to trip on nature Gölyazı good choice for it. It is far from 42 kilometers from Bursa and semi island in Uluabat lake.That are very old location and it was center of Apollon Kingdom.

How I can go Bursa 

Bursa is not much far from İstanbul so per 30 minutes can find bus to Bursa.İts about 45 Turkish lira and it take about between 2-5-4 hours.There are many hotes for every budget in Bursa.

Do List in Bursa

  • Visit Ulucami Mosque
  • Visit Tophane and watch cityfrom hill
  • If go to visit winter season go Uludag mountain for sky and winter activities
  • Do not come back to eat Iskender Kebap
  • Visit Grand bazaar and buy some textile gifts for friends and relations
  • İf like to see small villages visit Cumakızık or Gölyazı
  • Watch nature and city with ropeway
 Maybe I can write about second part about Bursa for to tell about Bursa's district because there are realy some good place too.

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