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Mutesem Yuzyıl Kosem Sultan and Sultan Murat

  Muhtesem Yuzyıl Kosem New Season

Ottoman Empire lived 600 years so there are many subject for film productors.First season we saw that Sultan Ahmet and Kosem sultan's love and Sultan Osman age and his dead.But last season we saw that Beren Saat with Kosem Sultan charecter this year we will see Nurgul Yesilcay with Kosem Sultan charecter. I think that ıt will be good because Beren Saat can look younger than Sultan Murat but Sultan Murat his son so Nurgul Yesilcay's appereance better for it this season.

This year we will see Sultan Murat IV age at Muhtesem Yuzyıl and we will see his struggle with enemies and his mother.Because Kosem Sultan get used to have power about 10 years now Murat want to administrate himself.

Baghdad was conquest by Sultan Murat and I think that we will see that subject at Muhtesem Yuzyıl I hope ıt take long time because I like war episodes.

Who is Sultan Murat IV

Sultan Murat IV
He was 17th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire , his father was Ultan Ahmet I and his mother was Kosem Sultan.Whne he became Sultan he was 11 years old so his mother Kosem Sultan administrated 10 years.
Sultan Murat administrated 17 years Ottoman Empire and İn this 17 years he conquest Baghdad and repressed the riots.He was very strong, according to the descriptions when he was angry statesmens he carry lift them with hands.So we can understand that he is muscular and strong.He was died at 28 years old.

Who is Kosem Sultan

Kosem Sultan was born in 1590 at Greece and her name was Anastasya.She became favourite concubine Sultan Ahmet I.She affected Sultan and tried to arbiter for administrate.She was strongest Sultans at Ottoman history and she was arbiter Sultan Murat IV,Sultan İbragin and his grandson Sultan Mehmet IV ages.But Sultan Mehmet IV's mother Hatice Turhan Sultan started the competition with Kosem Sultan and one day Kosem Sultan killed at her room.Ottoman Empire family killing to choke because it is tradition because they think that their blood is holy.


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