Russian Tourist's Favourite Place Alanya

Alanya Region


Alanya is a touristic heaven from Antalya and Mediterranean.Especially Russian visitors prefer Alanya and many Russian tourist give up to turn back Russia and decided to stay Alanya.I think that they are right about to do not turn back Russia Alanya is amazing with sea,nature,beaches and climate.Alanya is far from Antalya about 140 kilometers.

What Can Do at Alanya

Kleopatra Beach

Turkey has blue flags sea especially at Mediterranean region so many people prefer that region and kleopatra is one of clear beach at Alanya nad most famous one.Why people called that beach Kleopatra because when Egypt queen Kleopatra campaign Mediterranean she visited Alanya and spent time this beach.The coast continues throughout the city.There are hotel near coast but all people can use beach free.

Kızıl Kule (Red Tower)

 Red Tower is symbol of Alanya and Alanya castle.When climb tower you will see amazing view Alanya and sea are under your foots.

According to myth while built that tower architects used eggs so tower took red colors.

Alanya Castle

Must visit Alanya castle too its so old structure some parts come from Hellenistic ages but main part built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I and Ottomans conquest Alanya Fatih Sultan Mehmet age.People say that castle have magnetic area so stones do not fall in sea and stick castle stones.

Damlataş Cave

Damlataş cave is a wonderful place in nature wonder and its interesting that that area discovered during harbor construction in 1048.I will say one interesting thing too the temperature is always the same(22.3 degree summer and winter) people say that inside climate making better Asthma patients so if you have that health problem and want to see a nature wonder you must see there.

Do list at Alanya

  • Visit Red Tower and Alanya Castle
  • Spend time and join sea sport activites at Kleopatra beach
  • Watch sunset at beach
  • Visit damlataş and dim caves
  • Visit old shipyard
  • Join city tours and boat tips
  • Extreme sports 
  • Visit ancient cities.

How Can go Alanya

There is airport at Alanya since 2012 so if you will visit here without tourism agency you must use Alanya Gazipasa Airport.There are many hotels and motel per budget but I advice that take reservation because summer season its hard to find hotels and early reservations have advantages.

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