Ishak Pasha Palace

Palace of the East

ishak paşa sarayı
ishak pasha palace
Ishak Pasha Palace is one of the important  masterpiece from Ottoman Empire.Ishak Pasha Palace is second biggest palace in Turkey.Palace  consists of 7600 square meters area and look like a aerie, has a amazing landscape.

Maybe will not believe me but palace completed about 100 years.Its about economic and military reasons.Çolak Abdi Pasha started to palace construction in 1685 than his son Ishak pasha continued but his grandchild Mehmet Pasha finished palace in 1784 and gave his father name Ishak Pasha.

Architectural features of palace

It is first palace that using central heating system in the world.It is a structure that combines Turkestan, Seljuk and Ottoman architectural features.Mosques dome style of Turkestan,Palace design style as like Topkapı Palace and gates are Seljuk style (Magnificent stone workmanship and reliefs)
stone workmanshipThere are 2 garden at palace.In the first garden there are guard wards, fountains, guard rooms, horse-car places, dungeons, guest rooms.In the second garden,servants rooms, selamlik, mosque, community place, minaret and Çolak Abdi Pasha Tomb.There are about 336 rooms in palace.
When Russian soldiers attacked Dogubeyazıt stayedand used at that Palace.While they were coming back they stole valuable object and palace's golden gate.Gate is at Moscow Museem now.

Where is Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace is located in Dogubayezit district of province Agrı.Palace far from about 5 kilometers to Dogubayazıt.
Firstly must to go Agrı than there are bus per hour to go Bayazıt.It takes about 1,5 hours.There are airport at Agrı and Igdır so its easy way for to go there.

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