Most Famous Quotes About Turkish People

Most Famous Quotes About Turkish People 

Turkish people really different we can see it when look at history.Turkish people established many states and destroyed many states and empires.People know them brave,faithful and  friendly so many famous person saying something about Turkish people . 

''There are two great virtues that glorifies a human being. Man being brave, woman being fair and honest. Apart from these two there is one virtue for both men and women. To be loyal to their home and their country and even give their life for it. Turks are heroes having this virtue. Because of this, we can always kill Turks. But we can never defeat them.''-Napoléon Bonaparte

''Give Me a Turkish Army. I will Conquer world.''-Napoléon Bonaparte

''Among all of the nations, the most honorable and the most friendly people are only the Turks. If you go to a Turkish village that has not been under foreign influence; you will see and learn what true hospitality is in fact.''-William Martin

''Turks as a race and nation are the most noble and the foremost of the nations. They are socially, religiously and ethically admirable for people who are unbiased.''-Lamartine

''Turk is the noblest of the nobles. Nothing artificial, nothing flashy. Their dignity is a gift of nature to them''-Pierre Loti

''If you don't want to understand the Turk, turn your back to history. In front of unjust attacks and unjustified lies, Turks are silent. That's because they take pity on others who don't see the truth. This nobility is an open answer to those lowly lies.''-Pierre Loti

''Turks not only have an infinite courage, they also have the intelligence of a wizard that stuns the wills. Turks kept gaining victories over victories and created civilizations over civilizations using this intelligence and gives the most honorable service to the human civilization. It wouldn't have been possible  for them to rule half of Europe otherwise.''- Çarnayev (Russian Commander )

''Turks are the most honorable people on the face of the planet as a race and as a nation''.-Le Martine

''Turkish soldier is courageous. He loves his mother country and gives his life without hesitation if need be''.-Albert Einstein

''Turks are a known nation much older than Heredotus and Torah knows about. They have such a courage that didn't accept pomposity in a world of simplicity and didn't accept grandeur in a world of tranquility. They have a love for conquering and they never adapted to lands but made the lands adapt to themselves.''
Hammer (Historican)

''Turks are masters of destroying and creating countries. They not only turned countries upside down, they turned continents upside down and destroyed hegemonies that were very difficult to destroy.
History learned so much from the Turks. There are such monuments that came from their hands; they are ornaments of civilization''.-Hammer

''Turks are heroes. They never hurt their friends but they make them better off. If Turkish nation hold your hands, they never let it go and never break a promise. They don't leave you in your good or bad day. Somehow if you become friends with them, you gain the ability to defeat any difficulty with ease.''- Comenius 

''There are two things Turks love the most. Justice and truth. They never did anything wrong but they were wronged.''-William Pitt

''If you want to really know what is is to fight and take joy from it, you have to fight the Turks.''-Towsend (English commander)

''I was almost captured in Poltaya. It was death for me but I got away. In front of the "Buğ river", it was even more dangerous; in front of me was water and behind me the enemy as burning sun on the hills... Water wanted to drown me and Sun wanted to burn me. I got away. But today I fell hostage to the Turks. Not even iron, water and fire could enslave me but they could. There's no chain on my feet and I'm not in a dungeon. I do whatever I want. This time I'm hostage to compassion and nobleness and kindness. The Turks have tied me using this diamond rope. Only if you knew how sweet it is to live as a free slave among Turks; Generous, noble, gentle.''
King Of Sweden: XII. Karl

''I'm talking about Turks. When they attack their enemy, it's an relentless tornado, terrifying sea, and ruthless lightning; but when next to a friend or an enemy without a weapon, a Turk is a dawn wind and a clear and calm lake. To change this dawn wind into a tornado and lightning and to change this calm lake into a boiling sea would be a mistake which hurts nature itself.''-Tasso(Italian Poet)

''We couldn't be successful in Dardanelles. How could we? Turks were fighting with the rage, courage and dare of a lion as if we entered his lair. I never saw such a nation.''-Sir Julien Corbet

''Be friends with Turks but never be enemies.''-Gianni de Michelis

''No other army in the world can stand as much as the Turkish army.''-Hamilton

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