Reasons for to Visit Istanbul

Beuatifull Istanbul

Blue Mosque
I want to start my article with a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte.He said that If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.Istanbul very special and amazing city.It is one of the city that has lands at two continents in the world.Its bridge between Asia and Europa so Istanbul is important city since the beginning of human history.

Istanbul's Geopolitical Location

bosphorusIstanbul located at between Asia and Europa so Europian and Asian toursits can prefer istanbul.Can come here with plane,ship and by car there are advantages for a country and visitors.Especially Turkish Airlines has voyage to all countries.When Turkey complete 3th Airport it will be biggest Airport in Europa.

Istanbul Has a Rich History

 Istanbul was capital city Byzantium Empire and Ottoman Empire so that states gave many things to Istanbul.There are many masterpieces in there.Maiden Tower,Galata Tower,Basillica Cistern and Hagia Sophia came from Byzantium Empire.They are still strong and millions visitors visit there every year.Topkapı Palace,Grand Bazaar,Blue Mosque ,Süleymaniye Mosque and many palaces came from Otttoman Empire and they are pearls of the city.

Oldest Closed Bazaar in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar is olderst in the world and there are many shops in there.Its one of the main adress for foreign and domastic tourists.There are many authentic things in Grand Bazaar so its right adress for to buy presents for friends and I am sure can find in there what you want because there are 4400 shops in Grand Bazaar.
I wrote about Grand Bazaar before so can find more information about it in there...

Istanbul is Cheap

Yeahh its right information because dolar and euro more valuable than Turkish lira.Maybe cant believe me but sometimes foreign toursits can have a cheaper than domastic.When foreign tours make dumping foreign toursits pay less money.So Istanbul is right adress for cheap vocation.

Istanbul and Bosphorus

golden hornIstanbul and bosphorus campleting each other.''Istanbul owes its extraordinary situation to Golden Horn, Marmara Sea and The Bosphorus." - Andrea Horn I m totally agree with Andrea Horn.While watching Bosphorus beauty can forget everything.There are Bosphorus tours at Sultan Ahmet square and can see all of historical places while in that tour.Especially while drink tea at Pierre Loti fall in love to Golden Horn.

Istanbul and Meals

turkish döner
I know  that Turkish kepap very famous in the world but Turkish cuisine has many different and delicious meals.What is different in Istanbul.Sometimes places give more pleasure with places and people.Imagine that eating your dinner near Bosphorus.I m sure that never forget that time .Especially people prefer to eat fish near Bosphorus and there are many good restaurant in there and theya re really good at about fish.Sundays people prefer breakfast in that places too.

Istanbul and Nightlife

Istanbul never sleep .There are 17 million people istanbul and I think that its crowded and there are many people from different cultures so everybody have different sense of entertainment.
Istanbul has many night clubs especially near Bosphorus and Taksim, İstiklal Street.They are really good at entertainment sector.

Sincerity of People

Turkish people natural and friendly persons.People try to help each other.When I was 14 years old, I lost in Istanbul and I did not know Istanbul much and a couple help me .Still I remember that lovely people.

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