Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque

selimiye camii

When I was army I stayed at Edirne a little time and ı visisted that masterpiece mosque,When I saw it ı just said woww what a big and amazing building and when I come inside I really admired.I will try to write something about Selimiye mosque ı hope you might like.

History of Selimiye Mosque

Sultan Murat II who son of Magnificent Suleiman, ordered to build a mosque.That ages was most strongest ages for Ottoman Empire.Mimar Sinan was chief architect and he was so old that days but he was very famous and creative.Constructed started in 1568 and completed 1575.I think that its really short time for complete.Mosque so big and 1500s technology.So it is really good work and I m proud of them

Some Features of Selimiye Mosque

  • Sultan Murat II ordered for build mosque but he would not see when mosque completed he was not alive.
  • While constructed Mimar Sinan was old (between 80-90) but Sinan said that mosque was my mastery period work.
  • Mimar Sinan was a architectural genius and before build he carried stones but did not start to construction and stones wated  2 years build area because land would not slide never.
  • Mosque located in Edirne which was a Ottoman Capital city before Istanbul and people can see Mosque from everwhere in Edirne.
  • UNESCO accepted Selimiye Mosque World Heritage List in 2011.
  • The main feature which makes the Selimiye Mosque such a major work of architecture is the roof of the prayer hall. The monumental dome, 31.28 m in diameter, is carried on eight 12-sided pillars. The dome rises to 42.25 m in height
  • Mosque has 4 minarets and minarets about 70 meters.There are 3 ways to climb minarets and people can not see each other while clibing that different 3 ways.
  • Around the rest of the mosque were many additions: libraries, schools, hospices, baths, soup kitchens for the poor, markets, hospitals, and a cemetery.
  • Acoustic is very important for mosques and Mimar Sinan was carefully about this subject and mosque is one of the wonderfull acoustic buildings in the world
  • Once people used torch and oil lamp for lighting and Mimar Sinan thought this subject and created a canal for soots.
Mimar Sinan was important architect and he created many masterpieces and Selimiye one of them.His things and technology ahead of his ages.

How I can go Edirne

Edirne is neighboor city of İstanbul so there are bus per hours and it takes about 3 hours , I m sure when see that mosque and taste meals will not disappointed.

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