Street Foods in Turkey

Every countries has different foods culture.It can change about 
geography,economy,life,culture.Some countries like much spicy some countries like fish and seafoods and some use olive oil.But street foods differents some people can think its unhealty but ı think that some foods are delicious,satisfying and cheaper.Sometimes we cant find anough time, sometimes their's smell affect us,sometimes we hear sellers voice.Today I will write about what can eat at streets in Turkey.

1-Simit ,Turkish Bagel

Simit is really famous street food.Especially while going work people prefer to simit because its satisfying cheap and easy to find.Especially I like fresh and warm simit its more delicious and some sellers sell it with cream cheese.But simit and tea are inseparable dual.Seagulls eat simit in Turkey.Especially steamboat passengers made them simit addict.

2-Boiled or Grilled Corn

Can find both style outside but people prefer boiled version much.Some sellers give 
ketchup and mayonnaise with a cup boiled corn.It become popular at shopping centers too.Its good snack while strolling down streets.

3-Fish sandwiches

Especially its very famous at Sultan Ahmet and Eminönü area and its really so delicious still I can remember that taste.They buy fish sandwiches at boat and there are little chairs for to eat.Must eat fish sandwiches if you visit historical peninsula in Istanbul, trust me will not be disappointed.

4-Turkish Kokoreç

I m sure that just can see it at Turkey and many people like to eat that but I dont prefer much because I have a strong smelling.
Can see that food on streets can see it rarely in restaurants menu.
It Made from the intestines of lambs and cooked with a variety of spices and flavors.Some street sellers buy with sandwiches some buy with plate.

5-Roasted Chestnuts

Especially winter seasons can see street sellers on corners.Can feel chestnuts smell from a distance.Street sellers buy it with paper bag.

6-Kumpir,Baked potato

Is really famous street foods in Turkey especially in Ortaköy square.In recent years, some people started to made that job in shops.There are many things inside big potato,corn, pickled red cabbage, pickles, Olivier salad, yogurt, jalapenos, olives..
Sellers asking what do you prefer inside than they don't add what you do not like .

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