Top 10 Reasons to Visit Turkey

Many tourists visit Istanbul every year so I decided to write about it why people prefer Turkey and why they must prefer to Turkey I hope that you will like that article.

1-Because Istanbul Located in Turkey

Ortakoy square
Ortakoy mosque and Bosphorus
Istanbul has a natural and historical values.Many people know that Istanbul is capital city of Turkish Republic but it is wrong Ankara is capital city but Istanbul is  commercial capital city inTurkey.Especially Historical peninsula has many historical masterpieces.Hagia Sophia,Sultan Ahmet Square,Topkapı Palace,Baillica Cistern are most important historical values from Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.At the other hand,Bosphorus is a gift from nature.Completing Istanbul's beauty.So I can say that Istanbul main reason for to visit Turkey.

2.Turkish Cuisine.

Turkey is really have rich cuisine culture because all of region have special foods.Especially Gaziantep cuisine is my favourite.UNESCO has included  city of Gaziantep into the
"Creative Cities Network" in gastronomy.Aegean region is special with olive oil meals and I can say that Aegean cuisine is most healty.Black sea region is famous with fish meals.East region famous with Kebab and meat meals.I can say that all of city has special meals in Turkey and I m sure all of people can like that foods.

3.Turkish Bath Hamam

Turkish bath is a culture.In the islam culture it s important to be clean so there are hamam every city.Once upon a time Turkish mothers used here for to chooise bride for her sons.Many tourism agency using hamam in their to do list.Theare are music entartainment ,foam, steam and fruits in hamam.

Beach in Turkey

4.Turkey's Beaches

Turkey is really lucky about beaches because Turkey is a semi peninsula.Especially mediterrenean coast has many clear beaches.Bodrum Muğla ,Alanya,Antalya,Fethiye Didim has blue flag beaches.Many foreign and domestic toursit prefer Mediterranean and  Aegean beaches for vocation so in summer season it is hard to find hotels.İf you want to sea,sun and beach for vocation Turkey is a right adress.


Cappdocia region is really fantastic can feel as inside a tale. Nature is a architect in Cappadocia and creating new fairy chimneys everyday.Especially hot balloon tours good way for to see that amazing nature.Secret valley,green tracks, caves, tunnels and canyons waiting to be discovered.After end of the day Turkish hamam waiting you .

6.Turkish Hospitality

Turkish people really good at about hospitality and help people.
Solidarity is charecter of Anatolia lands.In Anatolia  people can invite you for to eat and drink it can strange but its normal for us.

7.Ancient Cities

Anatolian lands had many empire,culture and states so every culture gave something to Anatolia,Roman Empire,Byzantium Empire,Hittite Kingdom,Kommagene Kingdom...Especially Aegean and Mediterranean region rich about ancient cities.
Ephesus,Pergamon,Myra,Hierapolis,Ksantos,Aspendos,Laodikeia,Zeugma and Nemrud mountain are famous.İf you like Ancient remnants Turkey is right place for it.

8.Tourism Culture and Facility

Ministry of Tourism succesfull about that subject because tourism is a really good financial revenue.There are many hotels,motels at touristical places and workers can not work without education.
There are tourism hingh schools in universities.After 2 years student work at hotels and tourism sector.Ministry of Tourism check touristical places every season.Municipalities check tradesman restaurants, night clubs.At touristical places people can speak a few language so cominucation is not problem.There are many hotels per budgets.

9.Cheaper Than Another Places

I said it before too dolar and euro more valuable than Turkish lira so people can pay less money for vocations in Turkey.İf has reservation before paying less than domastic toursits.Especially if visit winter season can pay fifty percent less.Many Tourism agency has promotion for every seasons.

10.Health Tourism

Especially last years health tourism very popular in Turkey.Turkish doctors are really popular and succesfull.Many peopel come here from middle east and balcans for to find health.
Alternative medicine is famous too there are many thermal springs and hotels in Turkey especiailly middle Anatolia famous with hot waters.When I was visit Fish lake in Sivas in 1996 I saw English and Arabian tourists in there.

I hope you might like ...

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