Which Places in UNESCO World Heritage List From Turkey-I

UNESCO World Heritage List

There are 16 places in UNESCO World Heritage List from Turkey so I will write 4 article about that list.

1-Istanbul's Historical Places

İstanbul historical peninsula
Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world so there are many things from Civilization and empires.Istanbul has A unique geography and geopolitical location.In 1985,UNESCO accepted 4 side from Istanbul.Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, Hagia Irini, Little Hagia Sophia Mosque,Sultanahmet  Archaeological Site area.We can say that they take historical peninsula area in list.

2-Divriği Ulu Mosque and Hospital

Divrigi ulu camii
Diğriği is a district in Sivas area and people live in there since Hittites ages.It was built in the years 1228-1229 by Ahmet Shah and his wife Turan Melek together,area was  under the rule of Mengücekoğulları clan.That mosque which masterpiece of Islamic architecture, has 2 dome and there is a hospital near mosque.In 1985,UNESCO accepted that mosque because it has a wonderfull stone workmanship and  its architecture.

3.Hattusha (Capital city of Hittite Empire)

Hattusha, taken to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986, has been a very important center for many centuries in Anatolia as the capital of the Hittite Empire.
Hattusha is in Bogazkoy district in Corum area.The great majority, which can be seen today, is the Great King IV Tuthalian period. Among the remains of the  are temples, royal houses and walls.

4-Nemrut Mountain

nemrut mounatin
I wrote an article about it but ı will give a little information about again.
The grave, monumental sculptures and unique view of Antiochos I, King of Commagene, who reigned on the slopes of the Nemrut Dag to commemorate their gods and their ancestors, is one of the most spectacular remnants of the Hellenistic Period.Nemrut Mountain, at the height of 2150 meters in the Kahta District of Adıyaman.Monumental sculptures spread to the eastern, western and northern terraces.The eastern terrace is the sacred center, and for this reason the most important statues and architectural remains are there.The well preserved giant statues are made of limestone blocks and are 8-10 meters high. The tomb of the king, with its being known, has not yet been discovered.

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