Kas Is One Of The Beautiful Resort In Turkey

Where is Kas

kas turkey

Kas is one of the pearl resort in Mediterranean coast.Nature show its most beautiful combine blue and green.White houses join that good combine.Kas is typical mediterranean resort but there are some plus features.History,sea,nature,sport activities,blue tours and amazing clear beaches.Firstly I will share list of places to visit in Kas.

1.Kalkan (Kalamaki)

Kalkan is Turkish resort
Kalkan is a tourist town situated to the Kas district of Antalya.
Kalkan far from 25 kilometers to Kas.It was located alongside a beautiful cove.It attracts thousands of tourists every year with its facilities,hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and shopping spots.Kalkan 'ın architectural structure and urban texture are not distorted much.The yacht harbor provideall all the needs of the incoming boats.

2.Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent is  60 kilometers distance to Kas.Saklıkent canyon is  a natural wonder which  is reach by passing a bridge 100 meters long.
The length of the canyon is 18 km and visitorc can walk about 6 kilometers in canyon.There are fish restaurants and trout farms.
Canyon is a good place for to far away hot summer weather.

3.Patara Ancient City

patara ,Turkey
Patara is 41 kilometers distance to Kas.The ancient city is spread over a wide area in the eastern side of the port.City and port located at  the entrance to the valley which has about 3 kilometers length.
The city also has an important position in the Byzantine period. Because Saint-Nicholas (Santa Claus) was from Patara.Saint Paul used Patara port for to go Rome.Patara was the bishopric center during the Early Christian Period.

4.Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos Ancient City in Turkey
Xantos is on the Unesco world heritage list.Ancient city is situated to the Kınık small town.
Kınık  is 45 kilometers  distance
to Kas.Xanthos was the capital of the Lycia.The first researches in the ancient city were made by Charles Fellows in 1838 and unfortunately they abducted  the magnificent grave monuments, the Nereids Monument, the Harpyler Monument, the Payave Sarcophagus, the Lion Grave,to the British Museum.

5.Kaputas Beach

Kas Kaputas beach
A natural wonder Kaputas beach is 19 kilometers distance to Kas.
Golden yellow of sand color and every tone of blue increases the attractiveness of the beach. Do not need to say that the sea is clean.But there are 192 steps to descend at beach.

Activities at Kas

Kas scuba diving
In recent years, Kas has become one of the most important  diving centers of the world.The diving clubs at the yacht harbor are racing each year to show thousands of local and foreign tourists the oldest wrecks of the Mediterranean.
  • Scuba diving
  • Paragliding
  • Canoe
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Blue tours
  • Sea sports and activities.

To Do List İn Kas

  • Visit ancient cities around
  • Join a blue tour
  • Do scuba diving and paragliding
  • Buy hand embroidery and Barak rug
  • Spend time in Friday bazaar

How  go to Kas

Firtly fly into Dalaman or Antalya airport than there are bus for to come Kas.Antaya airport far from about 3 hours(192 kilometers)
Dalaman airport far from about 2 hours (160 kilometers)

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