Side a wonderful place with its nature and history

Side, a beautiful resort in Antalya

side resort

Side one of the beautiful resort district of Manavgat,in Antalya.
If want nature,beach and history in vocation,I'm sure that you will like Side.There are clear sea and long coast also ancient cities will take long timeif want to see all places.

There are many accommodation option in Side.There are lux hotels,
boutique hotel and hostels for per budgets.The owners of tours and tourism agency say that Alanya and Side most popular tourism cities.I think that they are right because there are many pluses for choice.
We made list  of places to visit in Kas.I hope that you might like.

Side Apollon Temple

Temple get its name Apollon who the light god of Greek mythology.The Side Apollo Temple is one of the most important ancient buildings of Antalya area, not just Side.
Every year many toursit visit there and ıt look so good near coast.

Side Ancient City and Theater

side ancient city
Ancient theater is one of the different architectural style in Anatolia.There are 17.000 person capacity.In summer season there are some activities in there (especially concerts)
Ancient theater It was used as an arena for gladiatorial races and animal fights during the Imperial Period.
There are Side museum in front of the theater.Museum building was a bath before but now using for to show ancient remnants.


Side, with its immaculate beaches and blue sea, also attracts tourists.Antalya Side is a very ideal place for those who love sandy beaches.Especially must see Sorgun Beach, Titreyengöl beaches and Kumköy beach.

Activities in Side

When you come there will see that everybody doing some sports in beaches.There are all sea sport acvities in there.
  • Beach volley
  • Water Parachute
  • Water skiing
  • ATV Safari
  • Trekking
  • Beach football

Do list at Side

  • Enjoying fish in restaurants
  • Enjoying at the sandy beach
  • Sea sport activities
  • Visit Apollon Temple and watch sunset
  • Visit Ancient city,theater and museum
  • Visit Titreyen Lake
  • Night clubs

How can go Side

I always prefer Airport for to come Antalya.Because Antalya Airport is international.Side is 45 kilometers distance to Antalya airport.Than can use Airport transfer services or bus terminals.

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